Eyelid surgery

  • Surgery time:
    Upper lid 30 minutes,
    Lower eyelid 1,5 hours
  • Thread removal:
    Upper lid 8 days
    Lower lid up to 12 days
  • 2 weeks no physical exertion
  • Risks: Swelling, bruises, conjunctival irritation, scars
  • Costs:
    Upper lid 2.300€
    Lower lid from 3.100€


Success at first sight!
Open your eyes!

Headache, pressure, facial disorders - age is unstoppable and disruptive, especially in the profession. There is also a genetic disadvantage in men. For the distance between the eyebrows and eyelashes is less than in women. Skin excess in the lower abdomen also leads to tear sacks. The consequence: a tired or sad appearance. Many of our patients therefore opt for an eyelid surgery.

Healed after two weeks

Before the treatment we draw exactly where, how much skin has to be removed. The operation itself is performed in local anesthesia, drowsiness or general anesthesia. We remove a skin spindle and partly the underlying fat bodies. Afterwards, you should cool the treated areas and do without heavy physical work, sauna, solarium and sports. About a week later we remove the threads. And two weeks later most of the traces of the treatment have been healed. Even larger scars, which protrude a little over the lid, are hardly visible.

Uncomplicated and almost painless

The upper eyelid tightening is uncomplicated in the healing process and for you as well as painless. If you also wish to have a lower eyelid, we recommend that you perform both treatments in the same operation. The healing process takes longer, but overall the combination is more efficient.

Injection instead of surgery

If you decide to use a lower eyelid, you can avoid surgery in some cases. Instead, we inject hyaluron or self-fat under the tear channel. Depending on whether there is a clear skin excess or a deep tear channel, surgery or an under-injection is preferable.

Eyelid surgery