• Surgery time: 3-4h
  • general anesthesia
  • Clinic stay: 1-2 days
  • Sociable: 10-14 days
  • Risks:
    Swelling, bleeding, scars
  • Costs:
    Mini lifting from 6.000€
    Full-face from 12.000€

Stay competitive!
Get your youth back!

We must constantly assert ourselves. Especially at work. Many people are with the desire to strengthen their self-esteem in order to remain competitive even at an advanced age. Sometimes, a few subjections are sufficient, in other cases a facelifting is necessary.

The little difference

With a classic facelifting we tighten your skin. Lower lying tissue is lifted and skin excess removed. The result is a virtually wrinkle-free and youthful facial expressions. Durable, as the underlying muscle layer is directly straightened. The difference to facelifting in women is the choice of the incision guide. This is because by the male beard growth, the skin is pulled closer to the ear.

New dynamics in sleep

Full anesthetized you will not feel anything from surgery. (Substantiv, Plural). Other people translated. A week later the threads can be drawn.
Modern plastic and aesthetic surgery has developed gentle and effective surgical procedures in many areas. However, it can lead to bruises, swellings or even a feeling of numbness during normal healing. These symptoms are normal and decrease significantly in the first days after surgery. Already two weeks after the procedure you can see yourself and your newly gained dynamics.

Face lifting