Forehead-lifting for men

No more frowning! Smooth your features!

For a forehead lift in men, we especially recommend the endoscopic method. The skin is repositioned and the scars are hidden in the hair. The forehead is tightened, only the hairline shifts minimally backwards.

Hidden behind hair roots

Receding hairlines are the biggest challenge, but even with larger wrinkles the scars can be hidden within the hairline. The cut runs parallel to the hairline, we remove a piece of the skin and the scar is hidden behind the first hair roots. General anaesthesia is necessary, as the forehead skin is very sensitive.

A new facial expression with a temporal-lift

If you want to give your face a new look with stressed eyebrows, you can use a temporal lift. Two cuts in the hairy scalp and on the lateral forehead. The skin is then fixed with staples. Two weeks later they are removed and your newly framed face is completely healed.

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