• Surgery time: 1,5-2 h
  • local anesthetic or dormancy / general anesthesia
  • outpatient surgery
  • Sociable to: 4 days
  • Compression bodice for 4-6 weeks postoperatively
  • Risks: Reformation of glandular tissue, asymmetry
  • Costs: 2.500-3.500€

Too much femininity
The chest in the man

Normally, men have such a small amount of mammary gland tissue that it does not separate from the hypodermic fatty tissue. But it can happen that it increases. This can lead to a female breast attachment.

No serious illness

Such a development is mostly hormonal. The reason often lies in a hormone imbalance in puberty. Can also be caused by medication or an age-related hormone change in the body. In most cases, however, a serious disease can be excluded as a cause.

Easy to fix

Smaller approaches are sucked in through two approaches in the chest fold. The scars are stitch-like and very unobtrusive. In the case of a very pronounced glandular body, a cut at the nipple edge is required. The procedure as well as the healing process are uncomplicated. In local anesthesia or general anesthesia the treatment can take place outpatient. After that you have almost no pain. There may be at most an unpleasant feeling like a slight muscle soreness or bruises. In any case, they should wear a compressive booster after six weeks to optimize the result.