• Surgery time: 2-4 h
  • Sociable to: 1-2 weeks
  • Risks: Swelling, numbness, scars, asymmetry
  • Minor intervention (liposuction, direct necklifting) inpatient procedure
  • Inpatient treatment for necklifting
  • Costs:
    Liposuction neck from 2.000€
    Direct lifting from 4.000€
    Face-Necklift 6.000-12.000€

Slim and dynamic
Show your character!

The neck is one of the most striking spots on the man's body. It symbolizes power and dynamism. With age, however, it often loses its tension or forms fat deposits. Many of our patients therefore opt for necklifting.

Neck lifting or face lifting

The neck lifting is particularly suitable in combination with a facelifting. The advantage is the scarring. For a face lifting we usually use the cut very close to the ear. So we can hide the scar in the beard. If you are only looking for a neck lifting, we have to decide in advance where we are going to make the cut.

Away with the double chin

At the same time liposuction on the chin is possible. Normally in combination with a skin tightening. Here, too, the surgical variant with facelift ultimately results in the most inconspicuous scars.


Neck lifting