Eyelid surgery in men in Berlin

Successful at first sight! Open your eyes!

Headaches, a feeling of pressure, restricted field of vision – old age is unstoppable and disruptive, especially at work. There is also a genetic disadvantage in men. Because the distance between eyebrows and eyelashes is smaller than in women. Excess skin in the lower eyelids also leads to bags under the eyes. The result of the so-called drooping eyelids: a tired or sad appearance. Many of our patients in Berlin therefore opt for one Eyelid lift, an eyelid correction with eyelid lifting.

Drooping eyelids OP: Healed after two weeks

Before an eyelid correction, we draw exactly where and how much skin needs to be removed. The operation itself is performed under local anesthesia, twilight sleep or general anesthesia. We remove a skin spindle and partially the underlying fat bodies. Afterwards, you should definitely cool down the treated areas and refrain from heavy physical work, sauna, solarium and sports. About a week later we remove the stitches. And two weeks later, most traces of the treatment have healed. Even larger scars that protrude a little beyond the eyelid are hardly visible.

The eyelid lift is uncomplicated and almost painless

The upper eyelid tightening is uncomplicated in the healing process and for you as good as painless. If you also want a lower eyelid lift, we recommend performing both treatments in the same operation. It takes a little longer to heal, but overall the combo is more efficient.

Eyelid injections instead of eyelid surgery

If you only decide to have a lower eyelid lift, surgery can be avoided in some cases. Instead, we inject hyaluronic acid or autologous fat under the tear trough. Depending on whether there is a clear excess of skin or a deep tear trough, an operation or wrinkle injections are preferable.

last updated on 08.08.2022