• 2-3h
  • local or general anaesthesia
  • socially acceptable after 2-4 days
  • compression garment postoperativ for 6 weeks day and night
  • costs ca. 2.500€

Many women and also men find small or even larger deposits of fat on certain parts of the body, which cannot be removed by regular sport and dieting, disturbing and unattractive. Liposuction is intended to improve the contour of the body and the figure, but is not suitable for "slimming" purposes.

One can draw off fat by suction anywhere where there are pads of fat, usually on the legs (thighs inside and out, knee, calves), buttocks, abdomen, breast, sides, arms and chin. During liposuction, the hypodermic fatty tissue is sucked off by inserting fine cannulas through the skin via 2-3 mm long stab incisions. The operation is carried out either with a local anaesthetic, in so-called tumescence anaesthetic, where necessary in seminarcosis or, if requested, also under general anaesthesia. Tumescence anaesthesia means that large quantities of fluid are injected into the fat tissue together with a local anaesthetic and some other substances. This needs about 30 minutes to take effect. The fat is then loosened and can be drawn off better. We work with the VAL system (vibration-assisted liposuction) which means that a suction method is used which is more gentle on the tissue. It is imperative to wear a compression corset for 6 weeks afterwards in order to support the shrinkage of the skin and to optimise the result. Normal physical exercise is therefore allowed, but sport should be avoided for about 10 days. As a result of the injection of the tumescence solution, fluid drains off through the injection cannulas during the first one or two days after the operation, which is rather unpleasant. On the other hand, the patient experiences hardly any pain at all. It rather resembles muscle-ache after physical exertion.

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