Wrinkle Treatment & Botox®
As young as you feel

As everyone knows, there are such and such wrinkles. Some express character, others are unwanted traces of life. This is why when we talk about wrinkle treatment, it’s always about the dispensable wrinkles. The high art of wrinkle treatment lies in distinguishing the good from the bad wrinkles and treating only those that make our face look drab. The traces of joy and happiness should be preserved.

What means and possibilities are there?

A “super-remedy” that works wonders on the face doesn’t exist, but the optimal mix of different treatments and remedies creates a rejuvenated yet natural look. You just want to look as good as you feel and do not want to wake up with a mask of unchangeable facial expression in the morning. That is also the reason why you should always entrust your face to a plastic surgeon. A nerve is hit quickly or the wrong remedy is injected into the wrong skin layer. The consequences are paralysis of the face or bumps under the skin. In my clinic I offer different levels of wrinkle treatment. The first stage is external application with a BTL radio frequency treatment. The next step is treatment with Botox and hyaluronic acid. If the tissue of the face is too soft, we can correct it with a happy lift or suture lift, and with a facelift we rejuvenate the face with surgery without changing the actual nature of the face.

When should I start a wrinkle treatment?

Wrinkles are like all unwanted problem zones of the body. Once there, they will be hard to get rid of. The most important motto is – live healthy! Alcohol, cigarettes and excessive sunshine always leave unsightly marks on the face. But if you do not consider an ascetic way of life to be desirable, you should counteract the formation of wrinkles as soon as possible. Daily care with moisturizing cream is the first and most important step. In parallel, you can refresh the collagen with a BTL treatment from time to time and use a small dose of Botox at the neuralgic points – forehead and nasolabial fold. These two regions always make us look moody – no matter what the mood is. The sooner you start, the lower the dose per session and, accordingly, the costs of the Botox.

A classic. Why Botox is so successful

Little prick, great effect. Everyone knows the situation – you work intently on the computer and suddenly realize that you are frowning all the time – unintentionally. Botulinum toxin reduces unwanted muscle contraction and prevents wrinkles. Not only do you look more relaxed, you also feel better.

Where Botox helps

Our facial expressions are changing. Over time, the facial muscles dig deep traces into our face. The effects are different for each person. Some have a frown between their eyebrows, others develop furrows on their forehead, these effects can be weakened or temporarily switched off by the use of Botox. The skin relaxes and wrinkles disappear. Botox has been used for 20 years. Thus, there are many long-term studies on the effects and possible consequences.

Botox for the lips?

Full lips are often called “Botox lips”. This is fundamentally wrong, because Botox is not a classic filler. While Botox is ideal for rejuvenation in the form of wrinkle injections, hyaluronic acid is the medicine of choice for lip corrections.

How do we use Botox?

We inject strongly diluted Botox into the muscle which needs to be debilitated. Properly handled, no major side effects occur. The result shows after four to six days and lasts about half a year.

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